Hymenoplasty Surgery

What is a Hymenoplasty procedure?

The hymen is a membrane that partially covers the external vaginal opening. It is usually crescent-shaped but many shapes are possible. The hymen may be lacerated by intercourse, masturbation, disease, medical examination or physical exercise.

The Hymenoplasty surgery can be performed on patients who would like to restore their torn hymen. The surgery is often performed for cultural, religious or social reasons.

Why choose Aesthetic Gynecology Specialists for WNY for your Hymenoplasty?

We understand that due to the discreet nature of the need for this procedure, strict confidentiality is paramount. Dr. Danakas and Dr. Kirakosyan, our board certified specialists can produce the results you desire with the discretion you need. Our location here in Buffalo is central to many key areas, such as New York City and the Greater Toronto Area.

Please call to set up a Hymenoplasty consultation: (716) 652-2665 or (716) 652-COOL.