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Patient Portal
Our Patient Portal is specifically designed
to make the relationship between you, our
patient, and our office significantly stronger.
The Portal allows for easy communication,
appointment management, and much more!
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Financing Options
Many of the procedures we provide are
considered elective by insurance providers,
meaning that our patients can expect to
pay out of pocket, unless of course our
patients can obtain credit from GreenSky.
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Patient Testimonials
We treat every patient with the utmost
appreciation, and strive for perfection
on every procedure. Some of our patients
agree, and have decided to share their
experiences and provided feedback.
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Travel Accomodations
With many of our patients traveling from
various parts of the United States, as well as
Southern Ontario, Canada, we felt it would be
helpful if we provide some suggestions on
great places to fly, stay, and eat!
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