Revealing The Truth Behind CoolSculpting Myths For You!

With the summer approaching, achieving ones ideal body is definitely on the minds of everyone. Needless to say, there are a number of ways we all deal with the extra flab on our bodies in order to achieve this goal. Some of us opt for hours on end in the gym with regular exercising, some plan a diet while others take the surgical route.

Moreover, exercise is the key to maintaining a fit and healthy body, however, there are some areas people struggle with, even with regular exercise. Is it something you have experienced as well? Then there’s a solution for it too.

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to freeze those stubborn fat cells from the body. This innovative procedure brings a fresh outlook to the world of cosmetic body contouring.

Albeit, in the light of its newness and lack of awareness, there are a number of myths and false claims around it that keeps you from giving it a try. Here are the top misconceptions about CoolSculpting debunked for you:

Myth: CoolSculpting Is Only For Women

Not at all. A CoolSculpting practice near you might advertise it as if it is a procedure only available for beauty-conscious women. However, that is not true. This procedure can be undertaken by men as well. It is safe and is more often a customized gender neutral plan for every body type to address different problem areas. Men have different body goals and this procedure won’t disappoint their expectations by being exclusive to women! So, if you are contemplating the idea of getting it done, know that it is a fat reduction procedure meant for men and women alike. However, the best way to find out if you are eligible for CoolSculpting is to go through a consultation before you go for it.

Myth: CoolSculpting Is Painful

This is a common misleading notion around this procedure. While the process accompanies some tingling sensation, tenderness, or slight discomfort to some, it is not unbearably painful. The reason why this procedure has gained so much traction is attributed to the fact that it is a pain-free solution to fat reduction. It is non-invasive which means no surgical treatment is involved. After the procedure, only some patients experience soreness, itching or bruising, but overall this discomfort is temporary.

Myth: CoolSculpting Only Reduces Your Stomach Fat

People usually believe that CoolSculpting is meant for freezing off the stomach fat only, but it can be utilized on a plethora of areas. This procedure is meant to target precisely a variety of body areas with pockets of fat which includes:

     Outer and inner thighs
     Lower abdomen
     Armpit puffs
     Banana rolls

Myth: CoolSculpting Treatments Take Longer Recovery

Many cosmetic surgical treatments require months for patients body to recuperate with a dozen post-surgical care things to ensure. CoolSculpting is often considered to be another one that is accompanied by downtime and post recovery. However, it is probably the only treatment that you can walk out of on your own. You can continue with your daily routine work immediately afterward without having to care about the recovery at all!

Myths: CoolSculpting Results Are Instant

Most of the times a CoolSculpting consultation will help you determine how many sittings are required for your treatment. This is tailored according to your requirements and your body assessment by experts. Mostly, the results are noticeable with a consistent series of treatments based on what you are consulted with. This is simply due to the fact that every treatment session involves up to an average of 25% reduction at a time which might not rule out the fact that some patients might require more than one treatment for optimal results.

Choosing the Right Practice for your CoolSculpting Treatment

It is important that you prepare yourself in advance that it will take some months to experience the continued effect of the treatment.

CoolSculpting procedures promise realistic results – ones which you can be educated well in advance by a certified practice near you. If you are still having doubts about the treatment, get in touch with our CoolSculpting experts to help you out with your questions around it.

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