9 FDA-Cleared Areas That CoolSculpting Works Wonders On!

Tired of seeing undesirable fat on your body that refuses to take the hint? We can help! CoolSculpting is a novel method of precisely freezing fat cells in desired areas. Also known as Cryoliposis, this is an ideal non-surgical, non-invasive option to treatments like liposuction that come with significant downtimes and considerable side effects.

If you’re concerned about the negative effects of CoolScultping, we’re here to assure you that those complications, if any, are rare; provided you approach a trusted and experienced clinic. Aesthetic Gynecology Specialists of WNY has performed hundreds of cosmetic procedures in the past, and we are dedicated to operating under the highest standards of medical safety.

This technique helps you contour your body just as you like, without subjecting you to the pain of surgical procedures. In fact, CoolScultping has been FDA-cleared to treat 9 areas of the body.

Do you lose weight when you do CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting has shown immense success in causing fat cells to freeze by 25% in treated areas. Those fat cells undergo crystallization and are deconstructed by the liver, after which they permanently leave the body. The patient is still expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that existing fat cells do not increase in size, thereby causing the patient to put on weight.

What are the negative effects of CoolSculpting?

Side effects from the treatment are minor and easy to address. They may include redness, numbing sensation, and itching, however, all subside naturally within a few days.

Which parts of the anatomy do the CoolSculpting treatment cover?

Chin: Chin fat is trickier to access given that it is confined to a relatively small area and is nigh impossible to manage with simple dieting and exercise. The solution? CoolSculpting! This treatment uses applicators (that resembles rounded paddles) to suction fat, much like a vacuum. You will be required to recline in a chair for anywhere between 35-60 minutes while the applicator crystallizes the fat cells. Patients state that any uncomfortable sensations they experience during the treatment are quite tolerable. In fact, it’s so unobtrusive that many patients occupy themselves with other tasks like reading, working on their phone or even getting some shut-eye during the session!

Jawline: Much like the chin, the jawline and neck are also particularly tricky to treat; owing to their shape and size. The best part about CoolSculpting is that it utilizes a range of applicators that come in varying sizes. Thus, for areas like the jawline, a smaller applicator will be ideal so as to target the fat cells exactly and leave no areas untreated!

Thighs: If you don’t have thigh fat, you’re in rare company. This is a common area wherein fat cells are likely to gather, causing many people to turn to liposuction in order to resolve the issue. Surgery doesn’t have to be your first option! CoolSculpting is a great way to get rid of surplus thigh fat and give you a more contoured silhouette. How many times do you have to do CoolSculpting? Depending on the amount of fat that needs treating, your doctor will suggest the number of sessions required. For most patients, the recommended number is 3, each ranging from 35-60 minutes.

Stomach: The stomach or abdomen is one of the main areas on the body that stores copious amounts of fat. Oftentimes, maintaining a strict diet and exercise regime isn’t enough to get rid of these bothersome bulges. CoolSculpting, unlike harsher surgical options, is a safe and painless method to treat those areas that have pinchable fat – sufficient for the CoolSculpting applicator to target.

Love Handles (Flank): The flank is the side of the body that exists between the hip and the rib cage; also referred to as the lumbar region. A majority of patients that opt for CoolSculpting do so for their love handles. These fat regions are subjected to the cold temperature of the applicator wherein they are ruptured and excreted from the body in time. Neighboring cells that aren’t subjected to the applicator will remain unchanged. That way, you need not be worried about undesired contouring. If your love handles are smaller, just one treatment may be enough to get rid of them.

Bra Line: Fat that collects along the bra line, causing the patient to spill out of their undergarments, is another common reason why people approach a CoolSculpting doctor. Much like their counterparts, these fat cells can be exactly targeted and removed for a more sculpted look. As the fat often tends to be copious in this region, most patients require more than one session. However, seeing as there is absolutely no resting period required after the treatment, the patient is able to return to work as usual.

Back: Summer is almost here and that means it’s bikini season! One of the more common reasons that cause self-consciousness is back fat; especially fat that refuses to yield to diet and working out. CoolSculpting isn’t just a spot treatment to get rid of tiny expanses of fat, but it can also treat larger areas that have noticeable fat bulges. How long do the effects of CoolSculpting last? The final results manifest about 3 months after the treatment. Patients can enjoy these results so long as they maintain a healthy lifestyle and attend to their nutrition requirements. CoolScultping isn’t intended for morbidly obese patients who follow a sedentary routine.

Banana Rolls (Beneath the Buttocks): If you desire smooth curves under the buttocks, the CoolSculpting treatment is a viable option for you. The pouches of fat that collect thereon are often quite tricky to work off with a simple exercise regime. Precise contouring is possible with a treatment like CoolSculpting; as it not only shapes the buttocks but also lends itself well to the rest of the upper thigh region.

Upper Arms: Flabby arms are distressing for most people to look at, especially when they wear clothing that reveals the fat. Luckily, the upper arm region is another FDA cleared area that can be effectively treated by a CoolSculpting applicator. The new and improved line of applicators cut down treatment times to 35 minutes and are so much more effective. The cost of your session will rely on the size of the applicator used. These new applicators are economically feasible and they drastically reduce post-treatment discomfort. CoolScultping not only rids the body of fat, but also tightens the skin. However, for extreme cases, the patient may have to follow up their CoolScultping session with another procedure to reduce the loose skin after the fat has been extracted.

Like What You Read? The Amazing Benefits of CoolSculpting Are Within Your Reach!

The doctors at Aesthetic Gynecology Specialists of WNY have extensive training and knowledge about CoolSculpting and can help you achieve your desired fat reduction goals. But first… We encourage questions – Ask as many as you like! Our team is standing by right now.

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